Serving North America for over 50 years! We firmly believe in our motto: "If you build them right, they will last your entire career!" All dental cabinetry is hand-crafted and built by Master Craftsmen. Our large array of materials available for your selection are of up-most quality, tested and tried by us. So, if you are building a new office, remodeling the old one, or just replacing those worn-out operatories, come visit our new showroom, before you sign up with your builder and equipment dealer.  We’ve got a variety of custom operatory consoles on display, all waiting for your thorough, hands-on inspection.  And there are hundreds of color photographs ready to stimulate your imagination and excite your staff. Our dental cabinetry is installed by the same master Craftsmen who built them, which speeds up the process and ensures our clients get what they want the first time! Our 50 years of quality dental cabinetry building and design speak for themselves. We develop long- standing relationships with our clients and guarantee our work to be built to last. Our custom dental cabinetry is functionally engineered and focuses on quality in both form and function.   We specialize in: o The Original Easy-Lift Youth Bench o Reception/Dismissal Desks o Specialty Furniture o Children’s  Magnets o Beverage Bars o Business/Paper Flow o Finance/ Consultation Desks o Treatment Consoles & X-Ray/ Exam Consoles o Sterilization/Tray Prep & Lab Modules o Work Centers o Computer Stations o Toothbrushing Vanities o Restroom Vanities o Staff Lounges/Lockers/Laundries o Dr.’s Private Retreat QUESTIONS?   COMMENTS? (713) 771-4893 We’re CUSTOM! Serving North America since 1960!